"Big Farewell" 
With NBC’s unparalleled storytelling and Xfinity’s unique viewing experience, we’re bringing Team USA and the Olympic Winter Games 2018 to every hometown in America.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Good luck in South Korea. 
Thank you. 
Bring it home. 
Have fun. 
Drive it like you stole it. 
Comcast is proud to bring the 2018 Winter Olympics home to all of us. Good luck, Team USA. 
All aboard, get on board 
All aboard, get on board 
There's a train coming somewhere down the tracks 
The people that ain't ready better step in 
This train has been runnin' since time began 
It's running through the love of ? man 
All aboard 
All aboard, get on board 
All aboard, child you better get on board 
People get ready, there's a train coming 
You don't need no luggage, you just get on board

Written Text

Go Team USA 
Go Declan! 
Declan Farmer - Sled Hockey, Team USA 
Bring it home Jessie 
Jessie Diggins 
Cross Country Skiing, Team USA 
Go Torin Go 
Torin Yater-Wallace - Freeskiing, Team USA 
Go for Gold Elana! 
Elana Meyers Taylor - Bobsled, Team USA 
We Believe USA 
Team USA is ready. 
And so are we. 
Comcast, NBC, XFinity 
Proud Partner of Team USA

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