Everyone knows Kawhi Leonard's got game. But who is the real Kawhi? Now that he's got the new Jordan x Gatorade Air Jordan 1's the world is about to find out. Featuring LaMarcus Alrdridge, Nip$ey Hussle and Les Twins "Foot Locker x Jordan - "#BoldLikeKawhi" feat. Kawhi Leonard"

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New Gatorade Jordan 1's. Thanks LaMarcus. No problem, man. Wow. These are bold! I got the new kicks on. Let's start the day. One million dollars. It's time to chop it up. Stage ready, let's get it. Any comment about your day yesterday, Kawhi? I was hacked. (Lyrics) Traveled round the world and I came back Worth a couple million, that's a fact Open trust accounts deposit racks Million dollar life insurance on my flesh

Written Text

@footlocker #BoldLikeKawhi @nipseyhussle Need it? Got It #weouttheretho Kawheels UP! @officiallestwins in the house!! Jordan Gatorade 1's Releasing 12/26 Foot Locker If It's Here It's Approved.

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