GoPro: Gorilla Tickling at the GRACE Center

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Join Devotte, a gorilla caregiver, for a fun tickle session with baby Lulingu. Lulingu was saved by the Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education Center (GRACE), the world's only sanctuary for Grauer’s gorillas, a Critically Endangered ape that only lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Poaching has brought gorillas to the brink of extinction but GRACE is giving them hope. Stay tuned for this story coming soon. For more information visit: Shot 100% on GoPro.

"GoPro: Gorilla Tickling at the GRACE Center"

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Caregivers strive to take complete care of babies. Baby gorillas like to play, they're curious. GRACE is a center that rehabilitates baby gorillas rescued from poachers. There are people who want to traffic these baby gorillas. Because of that, we had this idea to set up GRACE to rehabilitate these baby gorillas, and ultimately, to reintroduce these babies in a natural environment. 

These are animals that, if we don't make the effort, are going to disappear soon. We need to try to protect them.

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