Honda Presents: The Ultimate Get-Well Card

Honda wanted to give extra love and support to children in the hospital this holiday season. So this year, we delivered a magical holiday card that brought loving messages to life from people around the world.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

A holiday tradition that we do, we go to my Aunt's house, we get to see all our family members there.
On New Year's Eve, we gather with our whole family, and we'll make dumplings together.
We don't open presents we wait for Christmas.
I wish I'm not sick anymore.
Not sick anymore? Oh.
I would like to go to the cold weather, but my mom doesn't want me to get sick.
Do you see a big card?
It says my name!
Whoa! What is that?
It's so cool!
There's a little snowman now!
He's waving to you.
It's a Christmas tree!
She sent you a message, huh? It's kinda neat.
You are so brave and so strong. I hope you have a wonderful holiday.
Happy holidays from the nurses.
Blow out the candle and make a holiday wish.
Whoa! How did that happen?
I like it.
That was the coolest Christmas card I've ever seen.
It was special because it had different people's wishes for us.
I felt like somebody cares. Somebody's trying to make me happy.

Written Text

The holidays are usually filled with tradition.
Being in the hospital isn't one of them.
So how do you remind these kids just how special the holidays can be?
Honda Presents
The Ultimate Get Well Card
It started with a magical card.
There was one more surprise.
Loving messages from around the world.
Asha Ries
Happy Holidays! Stay strong and keep smiling.
Keith McEwn
You guys are bigger than any illness you battle. You'll come out stronger than before.
Katie Martorano
I'm making a wish on every star. Just for you!
Devin Hellesen
Sending you love and strength this holiday season!
Wishing you a magical holiday, wherever you may be.
The Power of Dreams
Special Thanks To
CHOC Children's
Children's Hospital of Orange County
Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

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