You could give your people Culligan Water.
Cary Elwes stars in this ad for Culligan Water. For everything his daughter asks of him, he responds with the line made famous from the film 'The Princess Bride', "As you wish".

"Culligan Water | As You Wish"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

We shot the actual storming of the palace. Dozens of extras...
Can you make some noodles, please?
As you wish.
More bubbles?
As you wish.
Super clean ice cubes, please.
As you wish.
Great food, soft clothes, and it tastes fantastic!
You could give your people Culligan Water.

Written Text

As You Wish
You Could Give Your People
Culligan Water
Softening | Filtration | Whole Home
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