"LongHorn Steakhouse - Steakhouse Cuts (30sec)"
Don't prepare a meal for yourself, prepare yourself for a meal. At LongHorn, feast on one of LongHorn's Steakhouse Cuts: 12oz New York Strip, center-cut Flo's Filet, and for a limited time a 14oz Delmonico Ribeye. And for lunch, try one of our new burgers like the BBQ Bacon Burger, only at LongHorn. You Can’t Fake Steak.

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At Longhorn, step into wood, stone, steak. Don't prepare a meal for yourself - prepare yourself for a meal based on one of Longhorn's Steakhouse Cuts. 12 ounce New York Strip, center cut Flo's Filet, for a limited time 14 oz Delmonico. The feeling, the flavor, the place. Longhorn Steakhouse - you can't fake steak.

Written Text

Tonight's Special
Steakhouse Cuts
12 oz custom cut NY Strip
6 oz tender Flo's Filet
14 oz Ribeye Delmonico
Longhorn Steakhouse
You can't fake steak

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