Broken Resolutions :60 | Allstate Mayhem

Consider Mayhem officially back. So get Allstate and be better protected in 2018 from Mayhem like me.

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Since my New Year's Resolution to be safe stuff, people keep asking me if I miss the mayhem. Is being a tennis ball, dangling from a string, to help you pull your car in far enough as exciting as being a roadway collision? No. It's not! Is waiting around trying to protect your house from a lightning strike give me the same rush as being golf ball-sized hail? Of course not. But if you can stick to your New Year's Resolution, then I can stick to mine and be the best road flare I can...what?! You couldn't even last two weeks?! In that case, consider mayhem officially back. So get Allstate, and be better protected in 2018 from me.

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Are you in Good Hands?

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