Introducing Google Home Max. Superior acoustics for any room in the house for true audiophiles. And since it's powered by the Google Assistant, it's a little help at home, like only Google can.

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This is Google Home Max. It's a speaker that's smart. It'll tune to your room and fill it with music. So if you want to feel all the layers of that acoustic version you love. Or if you just want to bump the bass. Hey Google, play that song that's like: you might not ever come down. Use it with Spotify or use it with YouTube Music and then ask it, hey Google, turn it all the way up. Introducing Google Home Max. Part of the Google Home Family.

(Lyrics) I had it all planned

(Lyrics) You might not ever come down.

Written Text

So if you want to feel allllll the layers...
That acoustic version you love.
Hey Google
Play that song that's like...
You might not ever come down
And then ask it...
Google Home

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