"E*TRADE Commercial—You Like @Just_Marea"
You like your friend @Just_Marea. She’s always up on the latest trends and travelling to do yoga with animals. If you took control of your finances and opened an account with E*TRADE maybe you could travel to exotic locales and do yoga with animals.

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There she is. Your friend @Just_Marea. You like her. She's really good a social media. She buys stock in companies that stand for something. You like her. She's always up on the latest trends. She got in early on the whole goat yoga thing. And her sunsets are always #nofilter. You like her, but you'd like her better if you made more money than she does. Don't get mad at just_marea. Get ETrade

Written Text

Instagram @just_marea - Each morning is a new chance to guess what life has in store. Each day is a new chance to effect positive change. Each night is a new chance to reflect and become one.
Kerrymckibbin - Soooooo cute!
jeffvermeersch - that's how life boes!
michellebell1210 - you look so stoked!
just_marea - Greet the sun every morning and your day will be blessed with wonders #blessed #positivevibesallday
Don't get mad
Get E-Trade
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