"Big Game Surprise"
The ad begins with a man coming in to his house. He closes the door, tosses his scarf and keys aside and then spots an unexpected guest. A Kangaroo. Of course the kangaroo is not alone, because there's a party going on. If you see the roo at a party, you know it means that there's Yellow Tail wine.

While Yellow Tail is not allowed to air a national Super Bowl ad due to AB Beverages (Budweiser) exclusivity, then have bought local ads in over 80 regions for the Big Game.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Surprise! That's a kangaroo. If you see the roo at a party, that's a good party because at Yellow Tail we believe in fun.

Written Text

[ let's yellow tail ]
America's #1 imported wine

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