It’s big game #52. Clay Matthews is #52. So it only makes sense that we would challenge you to eat a Jack Link’s 100% Beef Stick in 52 seconds or less. Post your submission on Twitter and Instagram using #52SecChallenge, or upload it at

"Jack Link’s 52 Second Challenge with Clay Matthews"

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What's up everyone. Clay Matthews here and I've got 52 seconds to tell you about this contest. Why 52 seconds? Well, first off, I'm number 52. And secondly, because we're getting ready to play the 52nd big football game. Because I'm not in this game (boo!) I have got more than enough time to judge this social media contest.
Jack Link's is challenging you to eat an entire Jack Link's Beef Stick in 52 seconds or less. And if you're able to do so, you can get showered in a glorious grand prize. So submit your entry on social media with the hashtag #52SecChallenge before time runs out. Aaand it looks like my time's about up.

Written Text

52 Second Challenge
Clay Says Hey!
52 Autographed Bags-O-Beef!
$52 Buckeroos!

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