Xfinity X1 | Winter Olympic Rap

Experience the Olympic Winter Games like never before with Xfinity X1.

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Show me the Olympic Winter Games like I've never seen before
Xfinity X1, yeah I'll always know the score
Medal count updates keep up with with the standards
My boy, Red Gerard always sticks the landing
Streaming live on every screen, every medal, every slope
Hockey head never looked so dope
Triple corks never looked so majestic in 4K resolution
Skier spinning rewind, count the revolutions
Alpine, freestyle, dang, what's next? (what?)
Amazing outfits, sequins and spandex
You like curling? Daily highlights keep you up to date
Restart a live broadcast when you're running kind of late
2000 hours of coverage, get your mind blown
... channels in the zone
And if there's something that you want to see
Pick up that voice remote and just say, "Show me"

Experience NBC Universal's coverage of the Olympic Winter Games like never before with Xfinity. Proud partner of Team USA.

Written Text

Athletes to Watch - Red Gerard, Hilary Knight, Jamie Anderson
The Winter Olympics
Feb 8-25
Comcast - Proud Partner of Team USA

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