There is a world of miracles. Get out there and #WidenYourWorld
#TurkishAirlines #SuperBowl

"Turkish Airlines - 5 Senses with Dr. Oz"

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Did you know there's a world of miracles inside our bodies? For example, your eyes can see 10 million shades of color. Sometimes all you need to do is look up. We can hear thousands of sounds. From 20 Hertz to 20 thousand Hertz. Our bodies can withstand temperatures around 60 degrees Centigrade. Our tongues can differentiate 100,000 different tastes.
Our noses can distinguish more than a trillion scents. Knowing each one of them? That's the tough part. Get out there. Explore. See, smell, hear, taste, touch. Widen your world.

(Lyrics) Do you want
Do you want to see
Come along
Come along with me

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Turkish Airlines
Five Senses
Dr. Oz
Widen Your World
Turkish Airlines

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