The commercial starts with a view of the city and dusk or dawn, and then a vibrating cell phone is shown which wakes a man up. He grabs a Diet Coke (in what looks like an aluminum bottle) out of the refridgerator and leaves for a party. Then a clip of a man painting art / a mural on a wall is shown. The artist is drinking a can of Diet Coke. Then a fasionable woman is shown coming outside and then going to a fashion show. She takes a Diet Coke which has been poured into a glass and puts a lemon in it. Then we see a nurse at work opening a can of Diet Coke before going in to check on a newborn baby. Then we see an Asian film director (again, drinking Diet Coke) filming a scene where an explosion occurs behind a trailer / mobile home. Another woman is shown drinking Diet Coke from a glass bottle before getting out of a limo. The commercial closes with the Diet Coke logo with spotlights behind it.

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Stay Extraordinary 
Diet Coke

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