Half-Pint Heroes brings hope and healing through therapeutic visits with miniature horses. Volunteers for Half-Pint Heroes load their team of miniature horses into their cars and trailers to drive them wherever they are needed. Because Hum by Verizon believes in what drivers can do, we make technology that assists and empowers them on the road. See how Hum can support your drive at

"Hum Presents: Driving Good | Half-Pint Heroes"

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People say, we've heard about therapy dogs, but we've never heard about therapy horses. Our mission is to bring hope and to bring joy and help people find their happy again. We go anywhere that we really see a need in our community.
Is Alexa ready for a visitor?
She's ready.
Hello, sweet baby! She's saying hi to you! I think you're beautiful.
A miniature horse can walk up to a child and calm them. They make a connection right away. A group of friends started Half Pint Heroes. We have six miniature horses that we use for our therapy program. Our vehicles are essential to what we do. We can just pick them up, put them in the back of our car and off we go. You just don't usually pass by somebody who has a horse in their car. We can drive anywhere.
Good giril. Yeah! Brooks!
A horse! Come over here!
They understand their job and what their goal is when they go to a visit.
This is Gracie.
Well, hi Gracie.
They're never nervous, they're never scared.
Come on, Gracie!
They just meet each child where they are.
They're in their happy place as well.
I know. I know.
This world is bigger than just us, and there's people that need love and need joy brought to their life. We visit nursing homes, we visit veterans.
This is Stella.
Stella, what do you think about her?
Look at that! You've got some sneakers, too!
Thank you so much for serving.
For us to just be able to show them appreciation and that they're not forgotten.
Nice and quiet in here, isn't it?
It just feels like the right thing to do. And those memories, they're gonna have forever. The horses are really the heroes, we just get to be their drivers.

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Because we believe in what drivers can do, we make technology that helps keep them safe on the road.
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