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Imagine your life without easy access to clean water. Introducing, The Wait for Water - a social experiment capturing the reactions of unsuspecting people around the world when they’re told that they have to wait up to six hours for water. Why 6 hours? In the developing world, this is the amount of time someone can spend every day collecting the clean water they need to survive.

By purchasing a limited-edition Chalice at, you will help provide 5 years of clean water to someone who deserves their time back to spend on what matters most to them. In our 3-year partnership with, we have already helped over 1 million people gain access to clean water - and we need your help to reach even more. Learn how you can get more involved, purchase your Chalice, and #GiveThemTimeBack

"The Wait for Water | & Stella Artois"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

We're so used to having water right at our fingertips, you simply ask for it or you turn on a tap and it's there.
I'll start with water.
I need to have a shower.
I would kill for a glass of water to start with, please.
Uh, unfortunately, I can't do that for you today. We don't have any water.
I'm sorry?
OK. A bit of bad news. There's no running water in the hotel.
Oh, right, OK. Ahh. OK.
You don't have any water?
Wait, what?
There's no water in the whole building?
We don't have water. I've put in your order, but it's going to take six hours.
Six hours?
But waiting six hours for water...that gets in the way of the work day!
It usually takes them quite a few hours, like six hours.
Do you have a manager I may speak to?
You can just get through the day without water, not everyone has it.
Not everyone has it, but people need it, and if you come to a hotel, you kind of expect it.
I'm just like, should I go somewhere else. My time is very valuable.
I'll see what's going on here.
No, we're leaving.
No, six hours!
One minute.
Sixty seconds.
I'm just going to call him really quick, I'll be right back, I promise.
OK, you have sixty seconds.
If you could just hang one second, I'll fix all of this.
Oh, all right, I'll wait one more second and then otherwise I'll have to go somewhere else.
Be right back.
Hey you! Hi. It's Matt Damon. It's hard for us to truly imagine what it would be like to not have access to water. But for 663 million people in the developing world, reality is different. Millions of people spend up to six hours every single day just to collect water. Can you imagine what that would be like? If you had to choose between having a job and having the water you need to survive. What if it was your sister or your daughter, who didn't have time to get an education because she had to spend hours a day securing this basic human need instead? So that is why Stella Artois has partnered with us at Because we want everyone in the world to have time for what's important to them.
Thinking about, you know, it literally being an all day thing. Six hours to get water. Its...I can't imagine what that'd be like.
Not having easy access to water, it's unthinkable.
It actually got me thinking, gosh, what am I complaining about?
You see that it's a real problem in the world.
It touched me.
I don't know, maybe I take much more for granted than I thought.
You can help us by simply sharing this message or by buying a chalice to help provide five years of clean water for someone in the developing world. Together we can change this. Together, we can give them time back.

Written Text

Matt Damon
Co-Founder of
Stella Artois
But what happens when we make people wait
up to SIX HOURS for water?
Through our partnership we've already helped more than one million people gain access to clean water.
But together, we can help so many more.
1 = 5
1 Limited Edition Chalice = 5 Years Clean Water

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