"The new Polo - For Life's Adventurers"
Check out the brand new advert for the new Polo. Ready for Life's Adventurers.

This ad shows a young boy growing up and the evolution of his need for speed. It starts with a tricycle, a go-kart, bike, and a motorcycle. His father watches him, but let's him do as he pleases and just gets the first aid kid (or a trip to the hospital) when it's needed. Then the boy grows up and gets a VW. The boy doesn't do anything more safely, but the car is able to protect him by giving blind spot warnings, and automatically braking for pedestrians.

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Well I'm so above you
And it's plain to see
But I came to love you anyway
So you tore my heart out
And I don't mind bleeding
Any old time you keep me waiting

Oh, oh-oh I got a love that keeps me waiting
Oh-oh I got a love that keeps me waiting
I'm a lonely boy
I'm a lonely boy
Oh, oh-oh I got a love that keeps me waiting

Written Text

Did you know that 26% of people who visit the practice nurse stay healthier than those who don't? It makes sense!
VCM 261
The new Polo with advanced safety systems
For life's adventurers
We make the future real

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