"Alibaba's Olympic Ad: The Rower"
Alibaba's newest Olympic advertising campaign, which pays tribute "To the Greatness of Small."

This is the true story of Henry Robert "Bobby" Pearce, who stopped for a family of ducks during a race, and still ended up winning.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Here they come, two rivals, locked in the war - sculls and oars. 1928 Olympics and it's a war between the old rivals. Look! Pearce, Pearce is coming up! Pearce from Australia, and Saurin, he's from France. What is he doing? He has stopped! He's stopped for the ducks.

Written Text

Based on a true story at the Olympic Games Amsterdam 1928
Henry Pearce qualified to the finals, won the Gold Medal, and set a new world record.
We believe small acts lead to greatness
To the greatness of small
Alibaba empowers small businesses and young people around the world.
Alibaba Group
Olympic Worldwide Partner

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