United in Sport

The world today seems more divided than ever, but we see a different story. We see the world putting its differences aside to play games. That’s what sport can do. It brings us together. It has broken racial barriers, fought for gender equality, and made the world a better place, over and over again. So look closer as Team USA competes in the Olympic Winter Games and you’ll see how great we can be when we’re #UnitedInSport.

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There's a lot of anger out there, and it's ripping us apart. But we have something unbreakable binding us together. You can find it here every weekend, or here on Tuesday nights. In 1936, it stood up to a tyrant, and in '73 it battled for equality. So join Team USA over these 17 days as the world puts differences aside to play games, and you'll see humanity at its best. This is sport, and it will help unite us as one country, one people, and one world.

You have no facts whatsoever. You're... I'm not being rude.
The actual issues. I'm gonna ignore the fact...
You know what, that's such a pathetic argument.

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Current Debate - Divided States of America?
Divided we fall?
USA all the way
United in Sport
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USA Olympics
U.S. Paralympics
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