Join Carnival’s new “CFO” (Chief Fun Officer) Shaquille O’Neal, as he gives a tour of Carnival Vista. Don’t blink or you’ll miss out on many of the attractions Carnival has to offer including SkyRide, Havana pool, Cloud 9 Spa, a burger at Guy Fieri’s Burger Joint and, of course, the basketball court!

"Tour Carnival Vista with New “CFO” Shaquille O’Neal | #Choose Fun | Carnival"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Welcome to the Carnival 30 minute tour.
Hey, Shaq? It's a 30 second tour.
No, man, it's like...
And now it's 26.
Welcome aboard! Ocean! SkyRide! Mini golf. Relax! Relax! Relax! You take this man to be your husband?
I do.
No time for basketball. Pool! Carnival. Choose fun.

Written Text

Shaquille O'Neal
Chief Fun Officer
Choose Fun
Book On Or Call Your Travel Agent.

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