"Labels Are For Clothes | Be Unique With River Island | #LABELSAREFORCLOTHES"
This spring we celebrate 30 years of River Island with an exciting people positive campaign. Bringing together a diverse cast as the faces and voices of RI, we explore identity and reject the idea of labelling. We believe that LABELS ARE FOR CLOTHES NOT PEOPLE, so we’re spinning tired stereotypes on their head and reclaiming labels to make them positive and truly, REAL!

The only labels we endorse come in the clothes we make, not attached to the people who wear them. It doesn’t matter how you look, what you believe or who you love – we want to celebrate you and your unique style. Not just this season, always!

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Earthquaking, go shaking
Got you in a temper
Got you in a fever
Got you beggin for pain reliever
We got the bass you got Justin Beiber
You a nightmare we the dream weaver
Get a follower
We the leader
Cut thru your bullshit like meat cleaver
Earth quakin
Ego shakin
Drop the haters
See you later
Pick up the pace now
Ego shocking

Written Text

Do not separate
100% boss
Do not stereotype
Made in 1961
100% gender free
Best kept together
100% woman
Pure champion
Do not shrink
#Labels are for clothes
River Island
Do Not Stereotype
Do Mix Cultures
Pure Confidence

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