Before Anythang is the untold story of Bryan “Birdman/Baby” Williams and his life before he founded Cash Money Records with his brother, Ronald Williams. As narrated by Bryan and with interviews from family and friends, this in depth documentary explores the journey of one of the most successful rap label owners and entrepreneurs in modern music history. From the death of his mother when he was a small child to learning how to hustle at the feet of his father; from the streets of New Orleans to traveling the world, Bryan created the world he envisioned as a boy. His is the great American success story. From humble beginnings emerges the legend, this is the story of how it all began.

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Being in jail I learned a lot. So when I do get on the block, I'll be smarter, wiser, do it my way.
He wasn't named until he came out of the hospital.
But ain't nobody called him Bryan because everybody knowed him as Baby.
Just call me Money, Dom P., Cristal. Number one stunner . CMR for life.
He said, Old Mr. Johnny shot me.
My mom died when Baby was five, turning six.
As a kid, I saw it all. Everything went down on the block.
They knew we was playing that kind of money at this type of age.
Everybody and they mom had some type of product from him.
Growing up in these streets, watching a lot of my partners die, or go to penitentiary...
That's what I think turned his life on.
...made me want to do something different in life. So I chose music and started Cash Money Records.

(Lyrics) Everybody get yo roll on
Everybody get yo roll on

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Cash Money Films
One Billion Records Sold
A Billion Dollar Empire
Narrated By
Bryan "Birdman" Williams
Before Rich Gang
Before YMCMB
Before Cash Money
Executive Producers
Ronald "Slim" Williams
Bryan "Birdman" Williams
A Clifton Bell Film
Before Anythang: The Cash Money Story
February 16
Watch Only On
Apple Music

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