The bud light bottle and the stalks of golden wheat are shown spending time together, going out to clubs, the beach, etc. together. The friends of "Golden Wheat" are shown talking about how they didn't think the relationship would work at the beginning, but now they see Bud Light and Golden Wheat are good together.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

At first, we were against it.  
He's so not your type. 
He goes out like every night. 
You know, eventually, he took to what she liked and he learned about her and he really made an effort.  
But there really is a fine line between romance and stalking.  
Yeah, but he walked it. Like a pro. 
Introducing Bud Light Golden Wheat. Light Beer. Huge Flavor. They hooked up, and you're gonna fall in love.

Written Text

Light Beer. Huge Flavor.

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