With over 50 films to his name and a career spanning 50 years, Martin Scorsese is a director, producer, screenwriter and film historian; his films are considered some of the greatest ever made and he is widely regarded as one of the most influential filmmakers in cinematic history. Scorsese is synonymous with the highest standards of filmmaking excellence

"Rolex presents: Martin Scorsese, defining an era"

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Film whether it's narrative, home movies, any, any type of motion picture really tells us who we are. Tells us about ourselves, good or bad. Um, times change, and people change, and customs change, and fashion changes. Um, the films made in 1910, and 1920, and 1930, have a different meaning to us now. There's a reflection of the society that we were at the time, our philosophy of life. I think it's something that we should take pride in, and something that we should keep alive, even if we have to turn and say this is an example of not the way to feel towards other people. This is very important.

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Rolex Celebrates
The Art Of Filmmaking
with Martin Scorsese

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