A curious young Outback couple stops at a remote country store to inquire about some isolated hiking trails. When a mysterious, old blind man offers to take them the way, they’re skeptical at first, but their adventurous spirits soon overrule their fears, and they’re treated to a tour like no other. It’s another reminder that a Subaru Outback can help you see the world-- sometimes in ways you never imagined.

"2018 Subaru Outback | Subaru Commercial | See the World (Extended)"

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Does this map show the Peninsula Trail?
Peninsula Trail. You won't find that on a map. I'll take you there.
You hungry?
Me too. Take this left. Now don't eat just yet. Feel the wind.If you listen real hard, you can hear the whales. This is my favorite part of the forest. Shh... Just listen. Hear that?
Our Subaru Outback lets us see the world. Sometimes in ways we never imagined.

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