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From dinosaurs to Mother Theresa, malaria has history... lots of it! Let the world's most deadliest creature, Mozzie the Mosquito, take you on a journey through its murderous past - with a bit of help from Hugh Laurie.

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Meet Mozzie, the malaria-carrying mosquito. Malaria has history, lots of it, but here go. A hundred million years ago, everyone's favorite reptiles carried the disease. The first recorded human case of malaria was in 2700 B.C. in China. A century or two later, ancient Egypt was positively awash with it. Pyramid builders were given garlic to try and keep it at bay. Thing is, they quite like garlic. Cleopatra slept under a bed net, traces found in the skeletons of mummies. Some historians say malaria may have had a hand in the fall of the mighty Roman Empire. At its peak, malaria infected every continent except Antarctica. Over the years, it's got under the skin of some big names too from Kings, explorers and Popes to Presidents and poets. And even the odd Saint. It's a fact, malaria is one of history's most fearsome killers. Half the world is still at risk. Every year almost half a million people die from the disease.

But in the last hundred years, we really had malaria on the run. Since 2000, we've slashed the number of deaths by 60%, saving nearly 7 million lives. And when a country rids itself of malaria, it takes a giant step in ridding itself of poverty. For every dollar spent on ending the disease, there's a benefit of $36, thanks to fewer kids and adults missing school or work.

We know how to end malaria. What we need now is smarter tools and faster investment to beat the disease once and for all. We have the power to consign malaria to the history books. We know what'll happen if we don't.

Malaria must die so millions can live.

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Hall Of Fame
King Tutankhamun
Alexander The Great
Christopher Columbus
Pope Sixtus V
George Washington
Dick Chama
Cezar Mendoza
Mahatma Gandhi
Mother Teresa
Dead Or Dead
Mass Murder
Reward 500,000 Lives
500,000 People Die!!
100 Years
Saving Nearly 7 Million Lives
Smarter Tools
Bed Nets
Faster Investment
Malaria Must Die
So Millions Can Live
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