Lexus “Letters”

There are over two hundred Lexus dealerships across the country. Each one dedicated to applying the same level of care to our guests that we put into our vehicles. Because of this philosophy, our dealers receive countless letters of appreciation. We took 2,000 of those letters and crafted them into an origami installation. These are just some of the stories behind those letters, as told by the people who wrote them. See their full stories at When guest experiences are crafted by Lexus, you Experience Amazing.

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Dear Lexus,
Dear Lexus,
Dear Lexus,
I wanted to take a moment to say thank you.
Thank you.
It is with a very grateful heart that I write you about your amazing employees.
Eric volunteered to come to my rescue that evening as soon as Lexus closed.
Brad met me personally in the service bay.
A Lexus Technology Specialist was incredibly knowledgeable.
This may seem like a little thing, but to a mom, these things really matter. My 3-year-old even noticed and said he wanted to be sure we were really safe, didn't he?
From this day forward, I'm a Lexus customer for life.
Thank you.
A million times over.
Stu Roberts.
Kim Camera.
David Davis.
Crafting every experience for our guests, with the same level of care we craft our vehicles. That's what makes Lexus, Lexus. Experience amazing at your Lexus dealer

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See full stories at

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