The commercial shows a couple talking with a VW salesman. As the salesman walks them around the dealership telling them about the current deals going on, the woman is just playing the "Punch Dub" game by calling out the colors of cars she sees and punching the salesman.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Salesman: So now you can get a great deal on any Volkswagon. 
Woman: Green one. (punch) 
Salesman: Like our award winning CC. 
Woman: White one. (punch) 
Salesman: Or the fuel efficient Jetta. 
Woman: Red one. (punch) 
Salesman: Or the Tiguan. 
Woman: Black one... oh, two for flinching. (punch punch) 
Salesman: Plus every Volkswagon includes no-charge scheduled care free maintenance. 
Woman: Silver one. (punch) 
Man: On every Volkswagon? 
Salesman: Yeah. 
Narrator: With great deals on all 13 models, it's a whole new Volkswagon, and a whole new game.

Written Text

PunchDubDays (Punch Dub Days) 
The 2010 CC 2.0T Sport

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