The commercial starts out in a Geiger-like futuristic world in a dark building. The camera movies forward and doors slide open to reveal the Verizon Droid phone with a mecahnical / robotic hand controlling it. The phone types in the word "human", and results are returned from the web, the contact list, Google Maps, music, and more. The robotic finger continues clicking, scrolling, and searching, and finally starts playing a song stored on the phone.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Does your phone do searches? Does your phone do search for example of the word "human". Does your phone do searches for "human" on the web? And Google Maps for places named human? Your contacts for friends named "Human"? (Which would be weird if you had one.) Even your music for songs you forgot you downloaded? Droid does. Search all digital creation. In a world of doesn't, Droid does.

Written Text

human connect 
human Nature LLC 
(1.5) 2158 Atwood Ave Madison, WI 
human body 
human nature 
human resources 
human nature 
human connect human lyrics 
tokio hotel human connect human 
Human Connect to Human 
Tokio Hotel - Humanoid (Deluxe Edition) 
human connection 
Droid Does 
Verizon Droid Google

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