The commercial starts with a man picking up an Apple iPad. He slides it on, and immediately starts viewing pictures with the large touch screen. You then see a quick shot of the book shelf app, and the screen flips over to show a web browser (a blog), and quickly flips to another web browser (The Wall Street Journal). We then see that it has a movie app so they can watch the new Star Trek movie. There's a calendar app, then the eReader app which shows how easy it is to read a book on the iPad. Another example of viewing images is shown, and just as quickly a map program (looks similar to the satallite view of Google Earth - in this case of the Eiffel tower). Then we go back to flipping through pages of a book, and viewing images (including tilting the screen to switch to landscape mode this time). Reading email, clicking, dragging, a pull up touch screen keyboard, and more.

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Deeper than the Dead - Tami Hoag 
The New York Times - Escapes - Florida Guide 
April 3 (2010) 

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