The commercial begins with a from from inside an apartment in a big city. There are toys on the window sill. Out the window you see a monster that looks like it was drawn by a child and cut out of a giant piece of paper. Another scene shows a man riding a bike with paper fish "swimming" behind him, and then a paper train comes from the other direction and turns the corner. From behind a delivery truck several paper rocket ships launch into the air. One of the rockets flies past a large paper stick figure holding onto a building. A paper UFO then flies up to the original monster (a piece of bread/toast/sandwich with a face?) who is frowning, and shoots him with lightning (which for some reason causes him to start smiling). We then see a three-eyed purple monster walking in an intersection as a bus chases him. A paper robot walks out from behind a building. We then see a man sitting on a bench and the voiceover starts. The three-eyed purple monster peeks over the side of a building at the man.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Pure Imagination playing in the background) 
Remember when you were five (5)? When anything was possible? Happy fifth (5th) birthday again.

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AT&T Rethink Possible

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What Television Commercials reference this Television Commercial?

It is referred to by...
AT&T Commercial for Blackberry Torch 9800

AT&T Commercial for Blackberry Torch 9800

Dates: - November 2010
This Television Commercial refers to AT&T Commercial
Clips from this older AT&T commercial are shown on the screens of the smartphones in the more recent ad.

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