The commercial begins with a father and three children (boys) getting ready to leave in a minivan. They are all buckling their seatbelts, and the father closes up the pull-down DVD player. As they pull out of the driveway we see a mailbox shaped like a fish, as the whistling song from the Andy Griffith show begins. They pass a neighbor watering his lawn, and the mailman who is walking by says "blue one" and punches the man. From a view inside a house with a couple talking with a real estate agent, we see the car go by and a pregnant woman punches the real estate agent, saying "blue one". As the minivan rounds a corner, a girl at a lemonade stand punches an old man saying "blue one". They then drive by a bouncy castle, and all the kids inside start shouting "blue one, blue one, blue one". As they pull back in their driveway, the kids ask if they can do it again, and we realize they just went for a quick drive to watch people punch each other playing "PunchDub" as they drove by.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Father: You guys ready? 
Boys: Yeah, yup. 
Mailman: Blue one! (punch) 
Real Estate Agent: The recessed lighting is absolutely... 
Pregnant Woman: Blue one! (punch) 
Girl: Blue one! (punch) 
Children: Blue one, blue one, blue one! (punching) 
Narrator: The Routan, the only minivan with the soul of a Volkswagon. 
Boys: Can we do it again? Yeah. 
Father: Sure. 
Narrator: Now with 0.9% APR for 72 months. It's a whole new Volkswagen, and a whole new game.

Written Text

0.9% APR 
2010 VW Routan 
For 72 Months

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