The commercial starts out with a large letter "A" on the beach (made out of glass or ice), then jumps to a warehouse setting with a woman model and the letter "Z" made out of something pink hanging from the ceiling. There are shots of men and women changing throughout, and several brands listed. Back on the beach, a little girl looks under the letter "A", and is then seen eating a triple scoop ice cream cone. We then see a man in a barn with a "C" made out of large silver balls which he jumps through and then polishes with his shirt. We then see a couple laying in bed, and they look up at the moon which is shaped like the letter "D". Then a woman walks by a large letter "M" which is covered in butterflies. A young boy is climbing on and jumping from a large letter "P" which is out in a wooded park. A woman inside in a pink dress dances in front of a large letter "S" and then applies makeup. A large bathroom is shown with the doorway shaped like the letter "T" while a man plays with and washes his dog. A woman in a zebra-stripped hat and shirt is driving in a bright yellow/orange car with a zebra-stripped "Z" strapped on top.

Written Text 
From A to Z 
A C D M P S T Z 
All Guilt Free 
Archer Farms (A), Converse One Star (C), Dwell Studio (D), Merona (M), Paul Frank (P), Sonia Kashuk (S), Thomas O'Brien (T) 
Expect more pay less 

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