"VW CC Reveal" 
The commercial shows two parking garage attendents. The big guy (Graham Beckel) watching the security monitors punches the a guy with a goatee (Joseph Bertot) and says "Silver One" (playing PunchDub). The guy with the goatee says, "That's not a Volkswagen". They both continue watching the monitors until the Volkswagon CC gets up to their booth, and the show the VW symbol on the front of the car. The big guy then punches the guy twice for doubting.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Big Guy: Silver one! (punch) 
Goatee Guy: That's not a Volkswagen. 
Big Guy: That's two for doubting. 
Goatee Guy: You hit like my sister. 
Big Guy: Really? I'd like to meet her. 
Narrator: The Volkswagen CC, award winning design starting under $28000. It's a whole new Volkswagen, and a whole new game (Punch Dub).

Written Text

The Volkswagen CC. Starting under $27,760. 
VW. That's Das Auto

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