"Axe Spearfishing" 
The commercial starts out with a guy on the beach with very spikey hair. He walks by a woman in a yellow bikini. Hoping to impress her, he climbs up a rock and dives into the ocean. As he climbs out of the water and walks up to put the moves on the woman in the yellow bikini, we see that he has speared several fish in his spiked hair which are flapping around on top of his head. As he starts to notice them, seagulls start to come at him to get the fish. He then goes to take a shower and puts on Axe Styling. After this we see him sitting in the beach chair with the girl as she is running her fingers through his hair (giving him "hair action").

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Lose the gel. Get the hold without all the hard with Axe Styling, and get some hair action.

Written Text

Get some Hair Action. 
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