"Pink Pepto" 
The commercial begins with a little boy pushing a Target shopping cart through the grocery section of the store. He is just barely peering over the top of the cart. It then shows a bald man shopping and thinking. It then shows an Asian woman picking up a red glass object, also thinking. A baby is then shown riding in a shopping cart, and then an image of a medicine dropper being used to put a drop of medicine on a spoon. A quick shot of an Asian man is seen in the pharmacy, and then an older woman is shown holding a chewable vitamin, and then a young boy is again shown pushing a cart. A shot is shown of someone pouring Pepto Bismol onto a spoon.

Written Text

Kid's vitamins 
What's the difference between Advil and Tylenol? 
Are $4 generics really just as good? 
How big is an infant dose? 
Are chewable vitamins only for kids? 
and why is Pepto pink? (Pepto Bismol) 
We became pharmacists to find out. 
So come in and ask us. 
Expect more. Pay Less.

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