The commercial shows a man and woman talking. The man appears to just come from working out, and the woman is sitting at a table. She is doing stuff on her phone. The talk about the costs of downloading music, and how you can listen to unlimited music with Rhapsody for $10 per month. The guy shows the girl a "vintage" action figure he got for $10.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Man: Hey, what are you doing? 
Woman: I just signed up for Rhapsody, so I'm downloading tons of stuff. Passion Pit, Jack Johnson, Lady Gaga... 
Man: How much is that going to cost us? 
Woman: Just $10 a month. 
Man: But how much per song? 
Woman: With Rhapsody, you don't pay per song. We can listen to all we want and I can even download music straight to my iPhone. 
Man: 10 bucks? I got this (action figure) for 10 bucks yesterday. It's vintage. 
Narrator: All the music you want. Just 10 bucks a month. Rhapsody: Music without limits.

Written Text

All the music you want. Just 10 bucks a month.Rhapsody 
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Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

What Songs are featured in this Television Commercial?

It plays...

You and Your Heart
performed by Jack Johnson

This Song is played in Rhapsody Commercial
This is the song the girl is listening to on her iPhone and the song played in the background during the narration at the end.

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