The commercial begins with an overhead view of woman using an iPad, then a man using an iPad on a fire escape. There are several flashes of the iPad being used and carried. Someone is using Google Maps. There is a couple riding a moped, and the woman is carrying one. Someone is shown looking at charts and graphs in a business environment. As the screen is flipped over, the images rotates to the person can read it. A group of three people in a lab setting are seen studying the periodic table of elements. Then a music program can be seen where a piano keyboard is shown playing along to sheet music which is on the screen while a person plays a real piano at the same time. A mother and child are then seen using the iPad as an eBook reader reading Winnie the Pooh. The ad then flashes numerous apps and uses of the iPad including reading Popular Science magazine, browsing the web, reading a book, using a business app, playing Scrabble, looking at recipies, reading The Wall Street Journal, studying science, and reading USA Today. Someone is then shown checking out Facebook, then switching over to watch a movie (Where the Wild Things Are), browsing pictures, checking out books on a virtual bookshelf while sitting on a bus.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

What is iPad? iPad is thin. iPad is beautiful. iPad goes anywhere and lasts all day. There's no right way or wrong way. It's crazy powerful, it's magical. You already know how to use it. It's 200,000 (two hundred thousand) apps and counting. All the world's web sites in your hands. It's videos, photos, more books than you could read in a lifetime. It's already a revolution, and it's only just begun.

Written Text

Ag 47, Be 4 
Popular Science, Scrabble, The Wall Street Journal, Au 79 (gold), USA Today, Facebook, iPad

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