The commercial begins with a watery background, then shows a bunch of people (adults) partying in swimsuits and bikinis by a pool. A brunette is shown sitting in some shallow water, and then a nighttime "campfire" scene is shown with pillars and fountains in the background where everyone is drinking and laughing. It then shows a couple getting married in a pool - the bride is wearing a white veil and white bikini and the groom is wearing black swim trunks and a bowtie. When they kiss the dip down into the water. The next scene shows a couple in their hotel bathroom, and then a woman in a red bikini. Two women go to a nightclub and flirt with some guys. The ad ends with a quick montage of some of the previous scenes and then several shots of the city of Las Vegas.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Say goodbye to my heart tonight.

Written Text

This summer, camp is for grownups.  
Welcome to Lake Dowhatya-Wanna (do what you want to). 
Campfire Stories. 
Knot Tying. 
Bunk Mates. 
Bird Watching. 
Happy Campers. 
Camp Vegas For Grownups 
Only Vegas

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