The commercial starts out with a tiny little green Ford Fiesta on a side street. A man and woman are inside and the man starts the car without a key. After the car starts, band starts playing, and an airplane flies over dropping out a bunch of parachutists. There are people in the buildings above on the roofs and climbing around on the fire escapes, and one even jumps off landing safely on his feet. Other people start jumping out of doors, down stairs, and onto a truck. Several signs are shown which combine banners and trucks to spell out, "The new Fiesta is here". As the camera pans over, a man is seen sliding down a pipe on the side of a building. A bunch of unicyclists ride by holding umbrellas that spell out "Hands Free Sync". Finally the parachutists from the beginning of the commercial start to land in the street with some of the parachutes spelling out "The new Ford Fiesta", and soon after several people start popping up out of the manholes.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Woman: You have keys? 
Man: No. Watch this. 
Man: It's a pretty big deal.

Written Text

The new Fiesta is here. 
Wittleson Power and Gas 
Hands Free Sync 
The New Ford Fiesta 
Ford - The Fiesta is here. 
Drive one.

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