A man and woman are sitting in a red Ford Fiesta, and the woman asks if the car get's good gas milage. He says, "Yeah", and then a bunch of sign spinners circle around the vehicle and start flipping and spinning their signs to show messages about how the car gets 40MPG and what you can do with all the money you save. At the end they all hold their signs above them to display the message, "The New Ford Fiesta".

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Does this get good gas milage? 
It's a pretty big deal

Written Text

40 MPG HWY = more movies, tacos, ballgames, concerts dates = 40 miles per gallon = 40 more yoga classes, MP3s, 40 MPG HWY is 
The New Ford Fiesta 
Ford - The Fiesta is here 
Drive One

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