The commercial begins with two women sitting in a green Ford Fiesta on the top of a parking garage. The driver uses the car's Sync voice recognition to call her friend Jill. They want to figure out what to have for lunch. She hangs up and decides she wants Japanese/sushi, and again asks the car for Japanese restaurants. It directs her to a sushi place and gives her directions. In each case where the vehicle's Sync voice speaks, there are people who fly up from the back of the parking garage (probably from a trampoline) with letters on their shirts spelling out what the car just said.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Girl 1: Call Jill 
Sync: Calling Jill 
Jill: Hey! 
Girl 1: Hey, where are we going for lunch? 
Jill: You tell me. 
Girl 1: Okay, we'll call you back. Japanese restaurants. 
Sync: For Sushi East say, "one". 
Girl 1: One. 
Sync: Proceed to Elm Lane, and then turn left on Grand Avenue 
Girl 2: I feel like I'm in the future. 
Girl 1: It's a pretty big deal.

Written Text

Voice Active 
Calling Jill 
For Sushi East say one 
Proceed to Elm Lane and then turn left on Grand Avenue 
The new Ford Fiesta 
Fore - The Fiesta is here 
Drive One

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