A little boy goes around his house, trying to grab different items that are all just out of his short reach - until he goes to the refrigerator, the new four-door Samsung refrigerator, that has a drawer that is just the right height for him to reach. 
The commercial begins with a little boy trying to reach the light switch. No matter how hard he tries, he just can reach it - even on his tip toes. He tries the same thing to get a purple dinosaur off a shelf, and then again trying to reach an orange from an orange tree in his yard, a bookshelf, monkey bars, then something from the fridge. So he stops and thinks for a minute. He then starts drawing a line which appears in blue light on the refrigerator, and then completes it by drawing a full rectangle which turns into a drawer at counter height. He smiles happy with himself, then pulls it open and pulls out a juicebox. Later he goes and grabs a carrot from a vegetable tray.

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Ever wonder how great it would be if everything was designed with everyone in mind? We did. Introducing The Samsung Four-Door Refrigerator. The Fridge with a counter-height drawer that has four adjustable temperature settings. The stuff you like most, chilled just the way you like it. All easily within reach. That's the wonder of Samsung.

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Dedicated to Wonder. 
Samsung. Turn on Tomorrow.

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