The commercial begins with a skinny, shirtless guy withe big curly brown hair spraying on Axe Twist body spray (in their well known "double pits to chesty" pattern). It then shows him out on a date with a blonde woman in a bar/cafe. He is playing peek-a-boo with her, and she doesn't seem interested. Then two robots come up behind him and start cutting and re-styling his hair, give him a shave, and add black rimmed glasses and a sweater over his shoulders. When the girl looks back, she is re-interested. The couple is walking home after their date, and the robots come back and rip the sleeves off his shirt, slick back his hair, take away the classes and sweater, and flip up his collar. She is again interested in the new look, and invites him inside. The robots come back and unzip his pants to prepare for what's next.

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Women get bored easily. New Axe Twist - the fragrance that changes. 
Show me all the ways you love me. I can change tonight you'll see. You belong to me. Hold me, while the moon's still shining. You can take...

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Axe Twist 
New Axe Twist. The fragrance that changes.

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