The commercial begins with a shot of a large red bottle of Vitaminwater Power-C. It then shows a man with a pillow for a head with huge glasses. The pillow is white with red hearts, and he is also wearing a red rob (although referred to as a Snuggy), gray sweatpants, and duck-shaped slippers. A cuckoo clock appears on the wall and a hidden door opens with a pair of oversized (compared to the pillow man) woman's legs in fishnet stockings and red high heels appears in the doorway. She kicks the man who flies up against the screen. After sliding down, he reappears laying down with a giant spoon on a couch that slides out of the wall, and then starts looking for the TV remote. An arm reaches out of the Vitaminwater bottle and hands the guy a bottle. After drinking it, he tears his robe off and is now in a suit. The woman appears and beckons him over with her finger and he struts out with her.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey fellas. You gots to take care of yourselves. No lady ain't yo mamma. Women want a strong man, and playa, you ain't strong when you're whining about "microwave pizzas, oh baby" curled up in a Snuggy trying to find the remote under your fat rear end. Now this Vitamin Water Power-C has Zinc and Vitamin C to help support a healthy body. And the best part is, your woman is gonna think you're rock solid. Go get her player.

Written Text

getupwater (get up water) getdownwater (getdownwater) powercwater (power c water) Glaceau vitaminwater (vitamin water)

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