The commercial begins with a family stuck in a traffic jam. One of the boys in the back seat asks why they can't go to the beach. This causes "search engine overload" with the dad bringing up beachwood and cheese, narwhals, cute cats, cat friendly hotels, Idaho, then potato museum. The overload spreads to other cars who are stuck in traffic with potato skins, dip, skinny dipping, Freaky Nasty (a rap group), and then their song.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Why can't we go to the beach? 
Beachwood is commonly used to smoke cheeses. 
Come on dad, for reals. 
Are narwhals for real? 
Really cute cat pictures. 
Cat friendly hotels in Idaho. 
Visit the Idaho potato museum! 
Potato skins. 
Skinny dippers. 
The dips. 
Freaky Nasty. 
You put your hand upon my hip when I dip you dip we dip. 
Find the cure at It's not just a search engine. It's Bing - the decision engine from Microsoft.

Written Text

I dip. You dip. We dip. 
What has search overload done to us? 
Bing - Long Beach 
bing & decide 

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

What Songs are featured in this Television Commercial?

It plays...

Da' Dip
performed by Freak Nasty

This Song is played in Bing Commercial
People in the commercial sing this song, and the song is played. The rap group Freak Nasty is also mentioned.

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