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Jeep Commercial for Jeep Grand Cherokee (2010)

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Jeep Commercial for Jeep Grand Cherokee

Summer 2010
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Plot / Description

The commercial begins with a shot of a railroad spike being hammered into the ground. Right after we see an old steam engine train riding down the railroad tracks, and rides across a tall bridge. We are then shown a factory with sparks flying and then an early airplane (Wright Brothers style). Someone is shown doing detailed work on metal with some sort of tool, and then an overhead shot of a factory. Someone is shown using an industrial strength sewing maching (possibly sewing leather), and then a welder is shown working his craft. An overhead shot of the Empire State building can be seen followed by running horses (colts), and then long lines of old military Jeeps. Old shots of Jeeps riding down a road (possibly a parade or an even to welcome the troops home from war). Quick shots of a man holding on to an I-beam hanging high up in the air, a catcher catching a fastball, a telegraph operator, another shot of an old train from underneath which turns into a line of Army Jeeps from underneath, and the man who was hammering the railroad spike at the beginning is shown. We then switch from the old grainy shots to newer full color ones. Someone flips a switch from off to on, and a man in a white protective suit in a black helmet is seen walking down a corridor followed by what appears to be a flash bulb or spark. We are finally shown what the commercial is for when a Jeep Grand Cherokee is shown splashing through water and then down a muddy road. Quick shots of factories and driving railroad spikes, and then another shot of the Jeep Cherokee driving through the woods. The interior of the vehicle is shown which is mostly gray with brown (possibly some wood accents). As someone turns the climate control on the vehicle up, it changes to a shot of the factory where the Jeep is made. More quick shots of factories, and then closeups of the stitched fabric used for the interior seats and the wood grain steering wheel followed by a rotating image of the Jeep parked back in the woods.


The things that make us Americans are the things we make. This has always been a nation of builders, craftsmen, men and women for whom straight stitches and clean welds were matters of personal pride. They made the skyscrapers, and the cotton gins, Colt revolvers, Jeep 4x4 (four by fours) - these things make us who we are. As a people, we do well when we make good things, and not so well when we don't. The good news is this can be ? right. We just have to do it - so we did. This, our newest son, was imagined, drawn, carved, stamped, hewn, and forged here in America. It is well made and it is designed to work. This was once a country where people made things, beautiful things, and so it is again. The new Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Written Text

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The things we make, make us.