The commercial begins with a closeup shot of an Amazon Kindle. A the camera pans back, we see it is a woman holding the kindle on the beach in a red beach chair, and as it pans back further, there is a man sitting next to her with his own Kindle. The camera then moves up toward the sun.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Silver Moons and paper chains,  
Faded maps and shiny things.  
You're my favorite one-man show.  
A million different ways to go.  
Will you fly me away?  
Take me away with you,  
My love.

Written Text

amazonkindle (Amazon Kindle) 
Where the God of Love Hangs Out... 
I reached across the table but he shrugged me off, grabbing my keys and heading out the door. 
I sat for a long time, supping, wathing the sunlight move around the kitchen. When it was almost five, I took the keys from Lionel's side of the dresser and drove his van to soccer camp. Buster felt like being quiet, so we just held hands and listened to the radio. I offered to take him to Burger King, hoping the automated monkeys and video games would be a good substitute for a fully present and competent mother. He was happy and we killed an hour and a half there. Three hours to bedtime. 
We watched some TV, sitting on the couch, his feet in my lap. Every few minutes, I'd look at the clock on the mantel and then promise myself I wouldn't look until the next commercial. Every time I started to move, I'd get tears in my eyes, so I concentrated on sitting very still, waiting for time to pass. Finally, I got Buster through his... 
Easy to read even in bright sunlight. 
amazonkindle (Amazon Kindle) 
Books in 60 seconds.

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