The commercial begins with a man driving a white Renault Clio (French car). He is singing "Zombie" by the Cranberries (quite terribly). As he comes to a red light, he continues singing even though there is an old man waiting in the lane next to him and they both have their windows down. He even starts acting/motioning/reacting with the music, directing his actions at the old man who just stares back at him disapprovingly. The light turns green and they continue on their way. The guy keep singing until he pulls into a driveway in a residential area. As he gets out of the car his girlfriend/fiance and her family comes out to meet him. The men realise they've already "met" at the stoplight. The dad complements the guy on his car (since that't the ionly nice thing he can say), and the guy compliments the dad on his daughter.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Zombie zombie zombie-ie-ie 
It's in your head, in your head 
We are crying 
Girl: Hi. Mom and dad, this is Tim. 
Dad: Well, Tim... at least you have a nice car. 
Tim: And you sir, at least you have a nice... daughter. 
Narrator: Life is too short to be boring.

Written Text

Renault Clio 
Life is too short to be boring. Renault Clio 
Drive the Change

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