School Pictures

The commercial begins in a high school on "picture day". The geeky photographer with thick black-rimmed glasses and a bow tie posts a flyer on a bulletin board telling the students where the pictures will be taken. A guy crosses out the room number 17A and writes in a new room, 6A. The photographer is shown setting up his camera and equipment in an empty classroom, while the "real" yearbook photos are being taken by the students in the other room. The kids are taking pictures in groups, doing funny poses, jumping up in the air while the pictures are being taken. The photographer is shown peeking out the window or just sitting and waiting wondering why no one is showing up, while the kids are all having fun.

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New look, new year, who knew? JC Penney

Written Text

Pep Rally Thursday!
Pictures Today Room 17A
Zoo York
Tee $12.99
Striped Hoodie $12.99
Plaid Shirt $12.99
Skinny Jeans $24.99
Striped Cardigan $17.99
Belted Tunic $19.99
New Look, New Year, Who Knew?
JCPenney Every Day Matters

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